Technology is very important in our work, but the human factor is essential to achieve differentiation and stand out.


Of course, technology is very important in our work. However, it is the human factor with which we can contribute the most differentiation and quality.

Daniel Saiz

Recording Engineer, mixer and producer (Estudio Sacramento Manager)

He began his career in 1993 establishing most of his projects at Estudio Sacramento in 1996. He has done work at international recording studios such as Metropolis Studios and Abbey Road Studios in London or Studio Guillaume Tell in Paris.

He has worked with prominent names in music such as Ken Hensley, Glenn Hughes, Camilo Sesto, Jorn Lande, Sergio Dalma, Irene Fornaciari, Caco Senante, Nach, Guaraná, Pablo López and 182 more.

With a national and international multi-genre discography, he has worked for companies such as Membran, Edel, Sony, Cherry Red or Universal.

For more than 20 years he has worked on the production of film soundtracks for directors such as Vicente Molina Foix, Juan Luis Iborra, Carlos Saura, Eduard Bosch, Carlos Pérez Ferre, Antonio Hernández, Domingo Rodes, Antonio Cuadri, Manuel Iborra or Adán Martín. .

Manu Ortega

Musician, recording engineer, mixer and producer

A 31-year-old from Alicante, graduated from the Oscar Esplá Music Conservatory in Alicante with a specialty in Piano, he has more than 15 years of experience in the world of music, more than half a thousand concerts behind him and hundreds of musical compositions, He alternates the performances of his group (Brit Band) with intense work in the studio composing, arranging, recording, editing and mixing sounds and songs for audiovisuals and other artists.

Passionate about music and master of virtual instruments, he has carried out numerous projects for artists such as Porta, Yesh, Amador de la Rosa, Mala Costumbre, Shani Ormiston, Beatriz Montiel (Singing to Mom), VaneM, David Solo, Blex, SyrioB. or Marvin Labara, covering different musical styles such as pop, rock, funky, hip-hop, trap, flamenco...

On the other hand, he also has experience in the world of cinema and advertising, something that he is passionate about and which he deepens every day. He has worked on the composition, recording and mixing of the original soundtrack for the short film “La Transmission” (2015), the documentary “Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017” (2018), and the films “Bollywood Made In Spain” (2016, together with to Luis Ivars) and “The Invocation Of Enver Simaku” (2018, in which he has also been in charge of editing, editing and mixing the final sound).

Rafa de Juan

Technical of sound

His first contacts with the world of sound are as a musician and composer in different bands. Especially with the Alea formation, with which he released several albums.

As a result of co-producing these albums, he decides to study a Superior Cycle in Sound, where he obtains the best grades of his class, which allows him to choose his internship at Estudio Sacramento.

In 2014 he created the sound and lighting company La Bodega Producciones, dedicated to the sound of shows, as well as recording and audiovisual editing.

Carlos Suay

Technical of sound

Sound technician with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. He began his career under the baton of Daniel Saiz (Studio Sacramento) in 2005 and since then he has combined his live work with that of the studio.

He has participated in the productions of artists such as Ken Hensley, Chattanooga Big Band, Tony Rowland, Camilo Sesto, Mala Costumbre, La Olla Express, Inquiro, among others, as well as in the soundtracks of films such as El Capitán Trueno, La Dama Boba, Io, Don Giovanni, Alatriste, etc…

He is a professional involved with local music and for this reason he has belonged to the Alacant Rock association and has been involved in multiple projects of a sociocultural nature such as Puentegramas.

The only way for your music to have no limits
is for your love of music to have no limits either.