Future Professional

If you want to live the experience of studio music like a professional, now you can. Learn in a practical way and get results that you would never have imagined.

What is the institute?

A recording studio to learn

We love training continuously and we love helping music lovers with our knowledge. To take a step further in your career and in your knowledge, it is very important to know how a professional studio and team works. How to equalize, produce, set up your equipment, take care of the acoustics... there are many factors that intervene in the process and influence the result. Knowing them both theoretically and empirically is essential to achieve the best result.

A recording studio to enjoy

Because of the passion that moves us, we know that energy, good vibes and fun help a lot to learn, and that's what we do at ESTUDIO SACRAMENTO. Having a good time recording, arranging or editing, and being part of a project in which you can see tangible results and discover the progression at the same time. The results excite us, amuse us and make us enjoy. We are music and we want to sound good.

Who is the institute for?

Non-professional musicians and artists

We seek to facilitate the beginnings of future music professionals, when the demands are high but the most important thing is the trajectory and projection.

Self-taught students or enthusiasts

Begin to have contact with professional personnel, learn how to use it and how to get the most out of equipment so that the sound is optimal. Relationship, communication and direction of musicians. We want you to know the way.

We can help you to learn,
live the experience and have a professional recording.